Translation Agency

These days, most companies aren’t satisfied with selling their products and services only in their country or locality. Today’s entrepreneurs are seeking more than ever the internationalization and globalization of their products and services with the technological modernization of the digital age.

At NARAU translations, our Translation Agency, we offer you a professional and personalized service so that your linguistic projects have the quality you expect.

We work with many of the most demanded language combinations, and we are prepared to manage any project at no additional cost to you or your company.

As professional translators, we can take on projects of various specialties:

  • General translation (for companies or individuals)
  • Literary translation (we have several books translated and published in Spain)
  • Specialized translation (technical, patents, technology, marketing, telecommunications, industry, science, culture, education, tourism, legal, manuals, official documents, etc.)
  • Translation and localization of web pages, software, applications, video games, and multimedia products.

Our fees vary depending on the language combination, the volume of the project, and its specialization. We will give you a free estimate without obligation, and if you accept, we will guarantee to fulfill the agreed delivery times and conditions.

We respect the confidentiality of your documents, and we guarantee the quality of our work. We use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools that allow us greater productivity and a better adjustment to the original format of your documents.

At NARAU we are passionate about foreign languages, ​​and we think that each project can add a boon to our profession. If you are interested in our collaboration, do not hesitate to contact us!