Language Courses for Teens and Adults

In today’s world, foreign language instruction mostly takes place in the academic setting, either as a compulsory subject, like English, or as an elective, like French or German. At NARAU, adolescents, young people, and adults have the opportunity to reinforce their academic knowledge as they prepare for a wide range of official language exams that, added to their study plan or CV, could open doors to foreign universities or international companies.

Other reasons for offering courses in our academy aren’t so academic. A Japanese course can satisfy the curiosity of those passionate about the world of anime and manga; those who, even thousands of kilometers away from the iconic Mount Fuji, are fascinated by this Asian culture and its special way of interpreting reality.

On the other hand, motivation and greater cognitive development are also reasons, especially for adults, to facilitate the integration of linguistic knowledge into their extensive experience in learning and life.

Likewise, today we know there are many benefits of studying a foreign language later in life: the maintenance and improvement of memory, the reduction of the risk of contracting diseases related to cognitive impairment, the possibility of establishing new groups of friends with whom to share new experiences (most of the time fun!), and, of course, to be able to organize and enjoy trips abroad with greater confidence.

At NARAU, there are plenty of reasons to offer you extensive, intensive, and most importantly, communicative language courses to strengthen and develop your language skills.


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