Language Courses for Children

To introduce little ones to the fascinating world of foreign languages ​​and cultures, we offer 1 or 2 hours per week depending on age and level:

  • 1 hour of class per week for HH5, LH1 and LH2.
  • 2 hours of class per week for LH3, LH4, LH5, and LH6.

A source of motivation, development of linguistic skills and logical thinking, creation of a solid study base … The benefits for little ones of learning a foreign language are innumerable.

Our children have abilities that, when used well, facilitate and accelerate their learning: the ability to differentiate sounds so they enjoy using different rhythms and words, an innate curiosity that allows them to learn while playing, less fear of making a mistake so their learning is based on trial and error… In short, when a child has contact with other languages, they will gradually acquire them as part of their natural development process.

That is why at NARAU, we offer courses for young learners—from 5 to 12 years old.

Our methodology in these age groups is based on the main objective of every language: communication. Children will learn the vocabulary and syntax of each language so that they can feel confident in any environment where they have to put their knowledge into practice.


¡NARAU School: a place to have fun learning!